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  1. Felpa con cappuccio-Dual Pecco Bagnaia 63 Uomo
    Hooded sweatshirt-Dual Pecco Bagnaia 63 Men
    As low as €98.00
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  2. Mugello Special Edition GP Replica Polo shirt
    Mugello Special Edition GP Replica Polo shirt
    As low as €128.00
    New in!
  3. T-shirt-Dual Pecco Bagnaia 63 Uomo
    T-shirt-Dual Pecco Bagnaia 63 Men
    As low as €49.00
    New in!
  4. Felpa-SBK Team Replica 24 Uomo
    Sweatshirt-SBK Team Replica 24 Men
    As low as €148.00
    New in!
  5. Polo manica corta-SBK Team Replica 24 Uomo
    Short-sleeved polo shirt-SBK Team Replica 24 Men
    As low as €88.00
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  6. T-shirt-Dual Martin Uomo
    T-shirt-Dual Martin Men
    As low as €49.00
    New in!
  7. Felpa con cappuccio-Dual Martin Uomo
    Hooded sweatshirt-Dual Martin Men
    As low as €98.00
    New in!
  8. Scarpe-GP Team Replica 24 Uomo
    Sneakers-GP Team Replica 24 Men
    As low as €168.00
    New in!
  9. T-shirt-Dual Bastianini Uomo
    T-shirt-Dual Bastianini Men
    As low as €49.00
    New in!
  10. Felpa con cappuccio-Dual Bastianini Uomo
    Hooded sweatshirt-Dual Bastianini Men
    As low as €98.00
    New in!
  11. T-shirt-Ducati Explorer
    T-shirt-Ducati Explorer white-red Men
    As low as €39.00
    New in!
  12. Felpa girocollo-Ducati Explorer Uomo
    round-neck sweatshirt-Ducati Explorer Men
    As low as €98.00
    New in!

Casual Apparel

What is casual apparel? Some define it as anything that is not elegant, for others it is a form of sportswear adapted for everyday wear, and others still think that casual means a relaxed, informal, loose-fit and above all comfortable way of dressing.

For us it means being able to express our own Ducatista soul also in day-to-day wear, ranging from clothes where every single fiber expresses your love for the Borgo Panigale brand to other more composed and formal versions, where the quality and confidence that you have in Ducati products clearly emerges. The most important thing is to make you feel comfortable. Are you a motorcyclist? Let your casual look speak for you, even when you're not riding your two-wheeler.

The most important item of your casual wardrobe is the T-shirt, and you can't go wrong with a classic T-shirt. Sometimes, however, there is the risk of being too informal, so that's when a polo shirt comes into play and mediates between comfort and elegance, the ultimate casual chic garment. If you are looking for something cool and freedom of movement then the tank tops are your perfect choice.

For winter we recommend you go for a solid color pullover or sweater, for a casual look suitable for all seasons and all temperatures. You can choose between simple garments for your everyday style or go for something more aggressive and fierce, such as Ducati Corse branded sweaters. There's nothing to keep you from choosing sportswear: sweatshirts and leather jackets may be more suited to your Ducatista soul. Yet it's the details that really gives your casual outfit that extra twist. Sometimes a bracelet or Racing cap can convey your personality better than any of the clothes you are wearing. Finally, you need comfortable and reliable shoes, the casual article par excellence: Ducati Redline shoes meet all the standards of excellence you're used to.

The style of the Borgo Panigale brand is unmistakable. With the right mix of casual apparel and sportswear, our shop has everything you need for your wardrobe, also off the track. Essential garments designed by Ducati and the best brands in the industry: Alpinestars and Spidi. Superior quality materials and high quality manufacturing to offer comfortable, breathable and long-lasting products. Casual apparel for all genres and ages: you can find apparel for men, women and children in the Ducati shop.

Don't allow others to define your femininity, express who you are through what you wear. The passion for motorcycles has no genre restrictions, let everyone know with Ducati women's casual apparel.

Children love to use their imagination: a Ducati Corse T-shirt is all they need to feel they are the fastest in the world, wearing a cap makes them feel like they're in the pits at a MotoGP race. Visit our shop to find the perfect gift for all those kids who are growing up with Ducati posters hanging in the bedrooms.