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    Leather jacket Speed Evo C1
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Leather motorcycle jackets

Leather jackets are the uniform par excellence for motorcyclists. Speeding along on your Ducati has a totally different feel when you're wearing a leather outfit. You will find a wide assortment of high quality leather motorcycle jackets made for Ducati by the very best brands: Alpinestars, Dainese and Spidi. Jackets ideal for racing and sportswear, jackets perfect for guaranteeing comfort and protection in city traffic and finally jackets designed to accompany you on longer journeys, suitable for all weather conditions.

You don't need convincing: all motorcycle enthusiasts dream of racing along a road, on their motorcycle, wearing a leather jacket. Leather jackets offer a good level of breathability, whilst ensuring high abrasion resistance. To complete your look, you will naturally need matching trousers, boots and gloves to protect your hands, and a quality helmet to add the final touch to your Ducatista uniform.

We recommend you also wear technical underwear which will keep you cool even on the hottest summer days and warm during the winter: the Ducati collection features specific technical underwear for each of the two situations.

You can also find women's leather jackets in the shop, designed for all Ducatista who express the concept of femininity on their bike.

The Ducati jacket collection also features special linings and protective membranes. The linings, whether fixed or detachable, offer an important contribution to the comfort of the garment and therefore to the well-being and safety of the motorcyclist. They are made with technical fabrics that, depending on the use of the garment, cool, warm or help maintain the body's microclimate.

Membranes are a fundamental functional element for many apparel items in the collection. Whether they are laminated on the outer layer or removable, they are made of high quality materials that offer impermeability and/or protection from the wind while maintaining great breathability and excellent comfort.

Finally, let's not forget the protectors that can form an integral part of the jacket or can be purchased separately. The protectors provide protection against the risk of injuries caused by impacts with the ground or road surface in motorcycle accidents. Protectors must be CE marked as a proof of compliance with EU standards.

The leather jackets comply with all current safety standards: they are all CE marked and certified to prEN 17092 standards, to allow you to travel with complete confidence. For further information, you can check the technical data sheet for each product, where you will find the list of production materials and safety certifications, as well as details on the type of jacket protectors included.