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Full-face helmet Ducati Corse V3
Full-face helmet Ducati Corse V3

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Boasting an aggressive look and unmistakable artwork, the new Ducati Corse V3 helmet designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati is made by Arai based on the RX-7V model. It is the top of the line when it comes to safety, comfort, and performance. Ample field of vision at any angle for sport riding, shell reinforced with composite fibers, car-inspired visor opening, and ventilation optimized for maximum stability and efficiency at high speeds are just some of the unique characteristics of this top-of-the-range helmet that boasts sketches of the new V4 engine.
PB-SNC2 (Structural Net Composite) shell that adds rigidity to the resin in the different layers of fibers and strengthening materials inside the shell|Peripherally Belted SNC Shell: a belt laid peripherally on the top of the eye-opening of the shell, increasing its rigidity§Inside: Emergency Release Cheek Pads: both cheek pads and the neck roll can be removed in seconds thanks to the advanced Emergency Release System. Rescue and medical workers can easily remove the newly designed removable neck roll and the cheek pads by just pulling the pad release tabs. This offers extra room within the helmet, making removal of the helmet much easier and minimizing the risk of additional injury|Facial Contour System (FCS). A foam spring support in the cheek pad that compresses and rebounds makes putting the helmet on easier. The cheek pad wraps under the jaw- and cheekbone instead of mostly on the soft cheek area. FCS offers a looser fit with secure support over a larger area providing superior stability and comfort with minimal pressure|Removable interior in Eco-Pure® fabric with very limited frame area§
General Features
Comfortable collar with microfiber trim.
Pre-curved construction
Plus: Arai Side Air Channel (ASAC). Air suction from eye port to side duct
Diffuser with improved aerodynamics for high speed stability and drag
Racing closure with D-ring fastening, with button to secure the strap
Replaceable Vented Neck roll. Easily removed and re-installed for thorough washing or replacement. With neck exhaust to enhance hot-air extraction from the interior. Increases the ventilation effect at the lower part of the helmet
Side Duct 6 with aerodynamic edge to improve high speed stability
Top ventilation IC duct 5 with improved air flow efficiency by 11% compared to previous model
Ventilation with new slide shutter: reduced wind noise, improved durability and waterproofing
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