Urban Foldable Helmet

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Urban Foldable Helmet

The Urban foldable helmet by Ducati meets the needs of those who consider safety to be absolutely essential. Its three-level structure makes this product particularly safe in the event of a collision. Any impact is distributed evenly thanks to micro-movements that ripple across its entire surface. With this innovative design, the helmet’s size can shrink by 55% and thus take up minimum space for ease of transport. This product has been patented for bikes and scooters.
General Features
Foldable:the helmet’s most exclusive feature is its configuration. When folded, its size reduces by 55%, allowing for the helmet to be easily stowed in a backpack and carried without taking up valuable space. The helmet’s three-level foldable structure boasts an innovative design, not only in terms of style but also safety. In the event of a collision, its micro-movements ripple optimally across its three structural levels, thereby enhancing the wearer’s protection and safety.

Ventilation:the helmet’s incorporated ventilation slits are not invasive with respect to the product’s design and functionality. They appear as micro-perforations in the channels of the three foldable levels, except for the upper slits which are integrated into the main structure itself, as they are needed to vent air for optimal breathability.

Padding:the internal padding in dark green breathable material is fully detachable to allow for easy removal and cleaning. It assures greater wearing comfort by ensuring that the air introduced via the ventilation slits can circulate more freely.

Adjustment:the adjustment system consists of a wraparound headband which assures more secure mechanical adherence to the protective structure. The provided self-adjust range enables a Size M to fit from 56 to 59 cm. Size L fits from 60 to 63 cm.