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  1. Corpetto con protezioni-Ducati Overlay P01
    Bodyguard-Ducati Overlay P01 Men
    As low as €178.00
    New in!
  2. Felpa da moto-Ducati Jargon Uomo
    Motorcycle sweatshirt-Ducati Jargon Men
    As low as €247.00
    New in!
  3. Giacca in tessuto-Ducati Explorer
    Fabric jacket-Ducati Explorer Black-Red Men
    As low as €693.00
    New in!
  4. Giacca in tessuto-Ducati Explorer Donna
    Fabric jacket-Ducati Explorer Woman
    As low as €693.00
    New in!
  5. Felpa da moto-Ducati City
    Motorcycle sweatshirt-Ducati City
    As low as €227.00
  6. Giacca in tessuto-Flow C5
    Fabric jacket-Flow C5 men
    As low as €297.00
  7. Giubbino in tessuto-Ducati Corse tex C5
    Fabric jacket Ducati Corse tex C5
    As low as €445.00
    Fabric jacket-Outdoor C3
    As low as €346.00
    Leather-fabric jacket-Fighter C2
    As low as €574.00
  10. Giacca in tessuto-Tour C4
    Fabric jacket Tour C4
    As low as €495.00
    Fabric jacket-Strada C5
    As low as €971.00
  12. Fabric jacket Speed Air C2
    Fabric jacket Speed Air C2
    As low as €217.00

Fabric motorcycle jackets

What are the key characteristics of a fabric motorcycle jacket? Safety, style and above all comfort. In this shop you will find the Ducati apparel collection made in collaboration with the top brands in the industry: Alpinestars, Dainese and Spidi are the best that the industry has to offer, reliable brands boasting years of experience.

Comfort is particularly important when choosing a technical fabric jacket and is in fact one of the main reasons why many motorcyclists prefer them to leather jackets. The fabric keeps the body cool in the summer, making it perfect for summer motorcycle jackets, but also warm in winter, thanks to a wide choice of high performing and modular materials that make these garments ideal even in the rain given that, unlike leather, they do not soak up the water and remain dry. Naturally their level of water resistance has limits, so if you are expecting sudden heavy showers, you should choose a rain-proof jacket, specifically designed to keep you dry, even in a storm.

The lightweight, breathable material should not be underestimated: the fabric jackets are 100% safe, offering a level of protection guaranteed by CE marking and certified to prEN 17092 standards. On the technical data sheet for each product you will find a list of safety information, such as the type of protectors and their positions, the presence of systems to integrate the back protector and details on the linings and protective membranes included. The linings, whether fixed or detachable, offer an important contribution to the comfort of the garment and therefore to the well-being and safety of the motorcyclist. They are made with technical fabrics that, depending on the use of the garment, cool, warm or help maintain the body's microclimate.

Membranes are a fundamental functional element for many apparel items in the collection. Whether they are laminated on the outer layer or removable, they are made of high quality materials that offer impermeability and/or protection from the wind while maintaining great breathability and excellent comfort.

The Ducati collection also includes women's motorcycle jackets that are specifically designed to fit the female body better, and offer an unparalleled feeling of comfort while maintaining a fierce and bold motorcyclist style.

For a Ducatista, design is one of the key aspects when choosing a motorcycle jacket. When riding your motorcycle, it is important to achieve a harmonious look, so you need the right motorcycle trousers and matching helmet that conveys the type of motorcyclist you are. You can focus on different items depending on the situation: if the climate is cold winter biker's jackets are the best to stay warm without sweating, if however the heat is unbearable, then you will find a selection of summer variants that will definitely satisfy you. You will find a wide selection at our shop to help you choose your favorite outfit.