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    Full-face helmet-Ducati Corse V6
    As low as ZAR 17,235.00
  2. Casco integrale-Ducati Corse Power
    Full face helmet Ducati Corse Power
    As low as ZAR 17,235.00
  3. Full face helmet D Rider
    Full face helmet D Rider
    As low as ZAR 10,035.00
  4. Casco integrale-Ducati Corse SBK 5
    Full face helmet Ducati Corse SBK 5
    As low as ZAR 10,035.00
  5. Full-face helmet Ducati Black Steel
    Full-face helmet Ducati Black Steel
    Special Price
    ZAR 10,785.00
    As low as ZAR 5,392.50 Regular Price ZAR 10,785.00
  6. Full-face helmet Dark Rider V2
    Full-face helmet Dark Rider V2
    As low as ZAR 4,544.00
  7. Full-face helmet
 Explorer V2
    Full-face helmet Explorer V2
    Special Price
    ZAR 8,605.00
    As low as ZAR 4,302.50 Regular Price ZAR 8,605.00
  8. Open Face Helmet Ducati Attitude Ece
    Open Face Helmet Ducati Attitude Ece
    As low as ZAR 11,985.00
    Modular helmet-Horizon V2
    As low as ZAR 11,235.00
  10. Full-face helmet Ducati Corse V3
    Full-face helmet Ducati Corse V3
    Special Price
    ZAR 13,900.00
    As low as ZAR 11,120.00 Regular Price ZAR 13,900.00
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20 Items

per page

Choosing a good helmet is essential for anyone searching for maximum safety on their motorcycle, regardless of their driving style. Are you a fan of long road trips or short, adrenaline-fueled off-road adventures? A Ducatista can appreciate both, the important thing is to always choose a superior quality helmet that provides effective protection. Your only concern will be to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

In our wide selection of helmets you will find the best brands, selected by Ducati thanks to years of experience in the racing sector and a history of successes to certify the ability to recognize the most reliable and best value brands like AGV, Arai, Bell and X-Lite.

A range of helmets that also takes into consideration style. Today do you want to outperform everyone else on the track with your new leather suit? Then we recommend you choose a racing full face helmet that offers maximum safety, perfect for riding in a crouched and tilted forward position. The patented inner shell with differentiated density areas ensures comfort and quality of performance. With the optimized ventilation system and ample peripheral visibility provided by the visor, you are guaranteed maximum stability and efficiency even at high speeds, allowing you to race your motorcycle in complete safety.

If, however, racing performance can remain in the background and you prefer to enjoy a sightseeing tour at cruising speed, why not choose a touring helmet. In this case, in addition to outstanding protection, our range of models are ideal for riding in an upright position, they offer a wide field of vision, ventilation that allows an optimal recirculation of air and the inner lining is comfortable and soundless. They can be full-face or modular, with a flip-up chin-guard that allows you to feel the wind on your skin.

Don't forget the Ducati style even when you're riding in an urban environment, in everyday life. Let your Ducatista spirit shine through, even on city streets while wearing an Urban range helmet:  whether full-face or jet, these helmets are always comfortable, easy to wear, well ventilated and safe, often characterized by a rounded shape to decrease to the extent possible, the air overload that hits the head when riding a naked motorcycle without a fairing.

Motorcycle apparel includes everything a motorcyclist may need: leather and fabric jackets, trousers, gloves, technical underwear to stay cool and performing at all temperatures, and motorcycle boots to be a head-to-toe Ducatista.