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  1. Calze tecniche -Cool Down 2
    Calze tecniche Cool Down 2
    As low as 18,00 CHF
  2. Calze tecniche -Warm Up 2
    Calze tecniche Warm Up 2
    As low as 18,00 CHF
  3. Casco integrale D Rider
    Casco integrale D Rider
    As low as 619,00 CHF
  4. Full-face helmet Dark Rider V2
    Casco integrale Dark Rider V2 Ducati
    As low as 351,90 CHF
  5. Full-face helmet Ducati Black Steel
    Casco integrale Ducati Black Steel
    Special Price
    666,00 CHF
    As low as 333,00 CHF Regular Price 666,00 CHF
  6. Full-face helmet Ducati Corse Ducati Corse Speed 2
    Casco integrale Ducati Corse Ducati Corse Speed 2
    Special Price
    1.018,00 CHF
    As low as 509,00 CHF Regular Price 1.018,00 CHF
  7. Casco integrale-Ducati Corse Power
    Casco integrale Ducati Corse Power
    As low as 1.064,00 CHF
  8. Casco integrale-Ducati Corse SBK 5
    Casco integrale Ducati Corse SBK 5
    As low as 619,00 CHF
  9. Full-face helmet Ducati Corse V3
    Casco integrale Ducati Corse V3
    Special Price
    1.017,59 CHF
    As low as 814,07 CHF Regular Price 1.017,59 CHF
  10. Full-face helmet Explorer
    Casco integrale Explorer Ducati
    Special Price
    649,02 CHF
    As low as 324,51 CHF Regular Price 649,02 CHF
  11. Full-face helmet
 Explorer V2
    Casco integrale Explorer V2
    Special Price
    649,02 CHF
    As low as 324,51 CHF Regular Price 649,02 CHF

Motorcycle Apparel

Visit our shop to find a wide choice of motorcycle apparel made for Ducati by the top brands in the industry: Alpinestars, Dainese, Held, Spidi, TCS and TCX are all brands that comply with the highest safety standards.

The Ducati apparel collections are designed to satisfy the demands of all motorcyclists. From the world of travel, even the most adventurous off-road trips, to racing on the track or in town for commuting to and from work and for your leisure time. Leather garments are definitely some of the most iconic apparel items and provide a good level of breathability while ensuring high protection against abrasion. Leather suits offer total body protection and are the best choice for those who enjoy racing on the track. If, however, you only travel by road, then you can opt for a leather jacket and trouser suit: it is as safe as it is bold.

Apart from sportswear, the use of technical fabric apparel is fairly widespread. In fact, thanks to a wide choice of materials and technical solutions, it is possible to manufacture products of different weight, volume and technical features, dedicated to specific uses of bikes or to very different climates: they keep you warm in winter and are cool and breathable in the summer. The fact that it is lighter does not compromise one's safety in any manner: all Ducati collection jackets and trousers comply with the prEN 17092 standards, the very latest in road safety.

You can find a wide assortment of the most performing motorcycle protection accessories in the 2-wheel world: gloves, boots and helmets suitable for every occasion. Only the best brands: AGV, Arai, Bell and X-Lite. And to complete your look: technical underwear and motorcycle trousers, to be a true Ducatista from start to finish.

You have everything you need to enjoy your Ducati to the fullest.